A Walkthrough based on the tips from the official blog.

Tutorial: Pick and eat the Small Berries from the Hedges to raise your Stamina. Collect Tree Branches to make a Wooden Knife.

  1. You can pick Potatoes from the Bushes. Make a "Poor Axe" and a "Bad Fish Pole”.
  2. Go to the edge of the island to fish. Make Mortar with Nuts, Rocks, and Tree Branches. Sleep and regain the Stamina when it grows dark.
  3. To cut down Palm Trees, while standing in front of a palm, select Poor Axe from the Tools menu. Make a Mallet with Plants, Rocks, and Tree Branches.
  4. Use Mortar on "Potatoes" to make "Mash Potatoes". Try to mash other items, too.
  5. Use an axe to make "Palm Trees" into ”Palm Lumbers”. Combine Nuts, Plants, and Tree Branches to make an "Oil".
  6. On the island, at the right end of the sandy part, is the Beach Area. You can get "Rocks" there. Combine Mashed Potatoes and Oil to make "Glues".
  7. Make "Ropes" with Plants and Oils. Make a "Rock Axe" with Palm Trees, Rocks, and Ropes.
  8. You can make a "Rough Fish Pole" now. Use the "Wooden Knife" to cut fishes for "Fillets of Fish" and "Fishbones".
  9. Make "Strong Ropes".
  10. Use Strong Ropes th climb the cliff.
  11. Make "Nice Axe" and "Normal Fish Pole".  It is easier to cut down trees if you have a better axe.
  12. If you do not come up with a new idea, even if you have all ingredients, you may not have tools to make it. There is a forest of palm trees in the Forest Area. The middle road leads to a dead end and you can not get to the right. There may be another route to get there. The cliff at the top looks familiar, doesn’t it? That's because it's the home to the character you play as,you then can change your characters name. For unknown reasons the default name is "Cow Titties". If you do not find the house there must be something wrong with your version of the app.
  13. Once you enter the house you find a broken tape recorder. You can fix it using Red Wires and Rocks.
  14. Once this is complete you have officially beaten the game.